Trainings in Cluster Excellence Management

Our standard training programmes in Cluster Excellence Management are designed for cluster managers and economic development practitioners to develop and implement competitiveness strategies in their clusters. They use and implement a methodology developed by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) with significant support and encouragement from the European Commission.

Our training programmes are essential tools for building fundamental knowledge when working with clusters, for broadening skill-sets when developing value-chains and for managing cluster initiatives. They bridge the gap between policy and practice while giving participants real-life skills in using clusters as a powerful tool to promote regional and local industry. Ultimate goal: business growth and local prosperity. 

We have two new programmes set for 2018/2019: Gold Cluster Excellence Manager and the Essence of Cluster Excellence Management. Both training programmes are focused on value chain development and cluster management excellence. For further and full details regarding these training programmes please click and download the brochure below.

In addition, please note that personalized bespoke programmes can be customized and delivered upon request.