Competitiveness School

The Competitiveness School programme is designed to be an enriching experience specifically tailored for senior policy-making officers and seasoned professionals in economic development. The course typically gathers participants from a wide array of countries and diverse areas of competitiveness and cluster-related fields. It offers the opportunity to network with peers, learn from the faculty members and engage with new perspectives.

Participants taking the class benefit from a deep understanding of clusters and cluster initiatives, and their application in economic development and competitiveness policies. The programme aims at giving an in-depth overview of the core principles, methodology and strategies delivered during the longer training programmes of the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence. It works as an extremely insightful workshop crafted to enable senior stakeholders to reflect on the pertinence to enroll their teams in the training programmes of the Foundation.

The Competitiveness School is an annual programme; it usually takes place in Barcelona and in Washington D.C. every other year. A mind-provoking event not to be missed.



2017 edition of the Competitiveness School

Scheduled from January 24th to February 2nd, the 2017 Competitiveness School returns to Barcelona under the name Competitiveness Summer School for Leading Regions, Clusters and Cities. Co-organized by the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence and IESE Business School, this edition focuses on learning about economic development in the city, in terms of strategic planning, talent attraction and investment. Both entities joined their expertise in cluster-based economic development and competitiveness, to design a very compelling program incorporating a multi-dimensional perspective on competitiveness and its various factors.

With contribution from the Foundation’s faculty and from IESE Business School professors, the programme is broken down into 2 inter-related but independent modules. The 2 modules of this year's programme are:

    Policy best practices in competitiveness and economic development for senior economic policymakers and development professionals.
    Strategic methodologies and frameworks to be used in competitiveness development, for managers at all levels.

Participants can choose to apply to attend one single module or both of them.

The Competitiveness School is operated from the IESE Business School’s facilities overlooking the heart of the vibrant city of Barcelona. Between classes, participants have the opportunity to enjoy the catalan capital, discovering its different districts and flavors.

You may download here the 2017 Competitiveness School brochure.

Cluster Competitiveness School

Application Procedure 

More details on the Competitiveness School can be found on IESE's International Center for Competitiveness website.

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