Essence of Cluster Excellence Management

The shortest version out of all the training programmes, this one provides a strong base and lays the groundwork for practical implementation of the core elements that all of our programmes are structured around. This is an entry point programme for economic development and business support professionals. It provides participants with an experience conceived to help them start thinking in terms of creative strategy development. Fostering a strong basis in practical knowledge, strategies are taught in order that participants can take them out into the working world of cluster management.

It is a 2-week long training designed to take place over five weeks. The first and fifth weeks are in-class sessions that take place in Barcelona, where participants engage in seminars, lectures and workshops. During the remaining three weeks participants are able to continue the course remotely back in their home regions. The Foundation's faculty is always accessible online in the period between the first and last in-class week sessions.

The core of the course is made of the 5 modules that follow ECEI mandated course learning. 

Core Programme Modules

  1. Cluster Economics

  2. Cluster Initiative Screening

  3. Industry Analysis and Segmentation

  4. Value Chain Analysis

  5. Benchmarking and Internationalization of SMEs

After participants have completed the full five-week course they can choose to participate in optional electives. Currently there are five elective modules to choose from. Each runs over two and a half days and is also held in Barcelona. These electives supplement the core base and are an integrated part of our longer training programme Gold Cluster Excellence Manager. However, they are designed in this case as supplements to pick and choose from. Electives offer an additional outlet to expand on knowledge when participants cannot attend our larger and more comprehensive programmes.

Elective Modules

  • Change Management

  • Cluster Organization Management

  • Project Management for Clusters

  • Continuous Policy Input

  • Cluster Policy Evaluation

More detailed information can be found in our brochure for 2018/2019.

Application Procedure 

Online registration for all courses are open. Thank you for your interest.

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