The Foundation’s trainings are based on business-case method and are delivered by experienced instructors who are selected according to two main criteria:

  1. They have led or contributed to the development the training materials for the European Cluster Excellence Initiative or other materials used in the training. These include authoring the case studies, being the protagonist of the case studies or having strong proven association with the materials.
  2. They are experienced educators and policy actors who have undergone intensive training on each case study and other teaching material and have become fully conversant with the delivery methodology of the Foundation. Previous proven experience with case method is a pre-requisite for entering the training.

For each training programme the Faculty is selected from the Foundation's permanent roster of professors on the basis of objective criteria. The final list is compiled in consultation with funders of the training programme (clients). Where appropriate and following the Foundation's internal procedures a Faculty Supervisory Board can be established – to include funders - to select the Faculty.

The current roster of accredited Instructors is available by clicking on the link.

Assistant Professors (Tutors)

The field-projects that are combined with the in-class sessions are supervised by Assistant Professors usually referred to as Tutors. A Tutor will typically be assigned a field-project team to whom he or she will be available and provide support throughout the training, in-class sessions included. Depending on the type of training agreement reached, the participants may have the option of remote (online and by phone) or local (in situ) tutoring.

Assistant Professors (Tutors) are selected on the same criteria as the Instructors: either they can demonstrate proven extensive experience of the methodology and field-work or they have personally received training through the Foundation’s Tutor Training programme.

The current roster of accredited Tutors is available upon request.