5FOREXCELLENCE hosts EFCE in Tallinn

Friday the 13th is always a special date. In Tallinn, it certainly was for the partners of the 5FOREXCELLENCE Consortium as it marked the end of a short program with the Foundation. On the week's dense agenda participants could find an introduction to the use of strategic tools, an expert showcase and a selection of business cases on essential topics such as:

  • Cluster Economics
  • Industry Analysis and Segmentation
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Benchmarking and Internationalization of SMEs

Navarra gets certified in Cluster Excellence 

Pamplona, the capital city of Navarra, saw successful conclusion of the Essence of Cluster Excellence Management programme hosted by SODENA, the regional development agency.

Participants were awarded their certification from the hands of Professor Subirà, President of the Foundation. Seasoned professionals with sectorial expertise, they formed an impressively talented and dynamic class. They were hailing from the most respected regional institutions involved in the competitiveness and economic development of Navarra:

  • ADItech, Advanced Innovation and Technology Corporation 
  • AIN, Asociacion de la Industria Navarra
  • ATANA, Cluster TIC de Navarra
  • CENER, National Renewable Energy Centre
  • NICDO, Navarra de Infraestructuras de Cultura, Deporte y Ocio
  • SODENA, Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra

EFCE at the 19th TCI Global Conference

An opportunity to meet and exchange with the world's best cluster experts

This year TCI - The Competitiveness Institute brought together a vibrant community of policymakers, cluster managers, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, academia and visionaries to exchange ideas and experience on the most recent developments on clusters, innovation ecosystems and economic development.

A recognized protagonist of the Clusters and Value Chains landscape, the Foundation engaged into the discussions and rich debates of the 19th TCI Global Conference. Taking place November 8-10, 2016 in the creative city of Eindhoven, the conference proved to be a fantastic opportunity to get inspired, learn, exchange and return home with new ideas, skills and approaches.