Successful closing of the Gas Value Chain Reinforcement initiative

Libreville, May the 28th, 2019. The Initiative “Natural Gas in Gabon” concluded on a very high note for its 3rd Public Meeting. The event brought together more than 70 professionals from the main actors of the national Oil & Gas and energy landscape : the Oil & Gas operators came in number with companies such as Total, ENI, Perenco or Assala, to name a few, while the major Ministries of the country were also represented.

Energy Mix in Gabon.jpg

During the meeting an action plan was presented aiming at laying the foundation of the best energy mix that is likely to fill the energy deficit of the country. The plan created the consensus among the attendance and raised many hopes for the future.

Financed by the World Bank under the Program for the Promotion of Investment and Competitiveness (PPIC) the initiative has been implemented by the National Investment Promotion Agency (ANPI-Gabon) in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Government and the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons.

Economic leaders of Gabon gather for a seminar on competitiveness

The second week of January the Foundation and Competitiveness joined forces in Gabon running a seminar addressed to the economic leaders of the country. Hosted by ANPI Gabon and BCPSGE, the week gathered in the same room ministers, governors from the nine national provinces, and many other prestigious participants, giving the audience food for thought on value chains, competitiveness and innovation.

The seminar was the opportunity for mutual learning and collective reflection. It also rallied interest from the national press. It ended on a high note in presence of Monsieur le Ministre de l'Economie who delivered in person the certificates to the participants, in recognition of their active and valuable contribution.

The Foundation means to thank Mrs. Nina Abouna and Mr. Liban Soleman for making this event a reality. We also want to thank their staff and teams for their hospitality and unfailing technical support.

Impressions from the Competitiveness Summer School 2018

Last month the Foundation, in association with IESE Business School, held its Competitiveness Summer School, the annual agora for policy makers end senior practitioners in economic development. The training week went fast and it was a great experience to see the engagement level between participants, the faculty and speakers, hailing from diverse geographies and areas of expertise.

When Friday came, everyone left the classroom with a smile on their face and fresh ideas in mind. Here are a few impressions from the participants themselves about the Competitiveness Summer School:

Raimonds Aleksejenko, Deputy Vice Secretary, Latvian Ministry of Economics: “This has been one of the best trainings that I have experienced. I'd strongly recommend it to the professionals working in public sector, especially for those who work with sectoral and industrial policies in regional and national level.”

Evita Feldberga, Deputy Director of Sectoral Department, Latvian Ministry of Economics: “I had a very high expectation for this week and I honestly can say that they delivered more than I expected. All speakers were of highest level with deep knowledge on competitiveness theory and practice… We brought home a precise action plan for Latvia’s future sectoral policy development.”

Claudia Soncin, Network Coordinator, TCI Network: "Thanks to the Summer School I am taking home knowledge on the different cluster policies in various regions. I really appreciated the learning method with the business cases which were very interactive. I’d strongly recommend it to professionals working for the development of their countries or regions."

Anna Korten, Communications Officer, TCI Network: “The Summer School 2018 provided us with first-hand cluster experiences and cases from various parts of the world. I really appreciated the high-level speakers explained the story and challenges they faced and the work they deployed. I gained a deep understanding of clusters, cluster initiatives, and their application for sound competitiveness policies and economic development.”

Many thanks from the Foundation to Raimonds, Evita, Claudia and Anna for their words of trust and support !