Podkarpacka Cluster Academy

The Foundation supports the launch of Cluster Academy of Podkarpacka Region in Poland

Over 80 participants took part in the Podkarpacka Cluster Academy that was organized by Rzeszow Regional Development Agency. The first conference of its kind in Poland, the event integrated a workshop to raise awareness on the strategic challenges modern economies are now facing and how Cluster Excellence Management can bring valuable answers. The conference reviewed the most advanced training programs in Cluster Excellence addressed to cluster managers and cluster policy makers. Among them, the Foundation's training programmes were highlighted and strongly recommended.

The conference was moderated by Piotr Zawada, Vice-President of Rzeszow Regional Development Agency. It was opened by the Chancellor of Podkarpackie Province who invited the keynote speakers to exchange on the important role of Cluster Excellence Management in regional development: 

  • Janusz Fudała, President of Rzeszow Regional Development, Agency.
  • Reza Zadeh, Executive Director of the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence.
  • Dariusz Dziadzio, Vice President of the Parliamentary Group for Cluster Policy.
  • Justyna Choińska-Jackiewicz, Senior Expert at the Polish Ministry of Economy.
  • Adam Hamryszczak, Director of the Regional Operational Programme at the Marshall Office.
  • Tomasz Leśniak, Vice-President of the Polish Cluster of Innovative Companies.

After the conference, local Cluster Managers and representatives of the Polish Public Institutions had the chance to participate in a Cluster Excellence Awareness Workshop. The workshop gathered professors and cluster experts from the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence, including Reza Zadeh, Professor Zbigniew Bochniarz and Gloria Ferrer, instructor at the Foundation.

Podkarpacka Cluster Academy was run under the high patronage of the Polish Ministry of Economy and the Parliamentary Group for Cluster Policy.