CIP Call 2013/2014 - 3rd Training Week

Train-the-Trainers Programme: regional Cluster Initiatives continue to take shape

The 3rd week of the Train-the-Trainers programme came to a close last week. It brought the sense that real progress is taking shape for the Cluster Initiatives launched within the nine-month Cluster ExcellenceManagement programme.

This part of the course used workshops and teamwork to further develop participants' capacity and capability in implementing Cluster Management strategies towards specific regional economic initiatives. A platform was created that pushed boundaries past discussing economic and cluster developmental theories, towards plans for real action, bridging the gap between strategy and implementation. 

In a world where policy does not always meet practical implications, this training programme offers an essential junction where policy is used within realistic expectations. On the field, positive local economic development is made possible through the application of the various strategic tools discovered in class. Also, while sharing knowledge and expertise from peers hailing from all over Europe, participants develop insight, self-confidence, and the ability to formulate a comprehensive strategic diagnosis. 

In teaching standard tools and a methodology to promote regional competitiveness that leverages on economic clusters, the Foundation's goal is to allow for more prosperity, for more "shared value". Healthy communities of SMEs, healthy clusters, make for healthy regions.