Conclusion of the Euromed Programme

The Euromed Cluster Excellence training successfully concludes its programme with a final week in Brussels

The Euromed Cluster Excellence teams completed the Train-the-Trainers programme during their 6th training week taking place in Brussels, on the 13th and 14th of May 2014.

The changes that have taken place in the Southern Mediterranean region have no precedence in the recent history. It’s a time of both challenges and opportunities for a whole new generation. The Euromed Programme - "Innovative Entrepreneurs for Change " - was spurred by the European Commission on behest of the European Parliament. The programme was devised to bring support to the local economic forces in these times of democratic transition, by developing expertise and training practitioners in the areas of Cluster Management and Innovation Management. A way to actively support local entrepreneurs and innovators.

The programme which started in April 2013 was designed for Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon and Egypt. Previous training weeks took place in Beirut, Casablanca, Tunis and Barcelona.

After days of sustained interaction between professors and participants, teams were awarded the Certification for their participation in the programme. Diplomas were delivered by Reza Zadeh, Executive Director of the Foundation, and Dr. Nikos Pantalos, Policy Officer for Clusters and Emerging Industries at the European Commission, DG Enterprise.

Classes of the week were taught by renowned European cluster experts and practitioners from Spain, Denmark and France. They provided the participants with an in-depth view on the topics of continuous cluster policy input and cluster policy evaluation.

On completion of their practical field-projects, participants will qualify as Cluster Management Excellence trainers and will be able to run training courses for economic development professionals, using the European Cluster Excellence methodology and material. The participants left Brussels with the firm intention to disseminate the methodology in their respective countries, hoping to foster regional competitiveness and social well-being through Cluster Excellence.

A unique opportunity to ignite positive socio-economic changes across the Euromed region.