A day-visit to understand the many faces of the Textile & Fashion strategy

On Wednesday April 5th EFCE took the CLUSTEM consortium on a day-visit to check from within how the best-in-class retail and fashion companies are competing. In the morning the agenda of the day brought participants to visit a selection of world-class flagship stores on Barcelona's Paseo de Gracia, while in the afternoon, the group travelled up north to Girona to meet with a fast-growing fast-fashion pure player.

The tour focused on two essentials of the Textile and Fashion value chain:

  • How boutiques are thought as customer relationship management tools and how they are organized to maximise client retention and customer lifetime value.
  • How logistics hubs are today the bread and butter of the clothing industry, an industry that relies heavily on the quick response model, whether for value brands or for high-end prêt-à-porter.

The Foundation wishes to thank Montse Sanchez and Antonio Rodriguez Pozo from Talentiam as well as Toni Sieso from Logifashion for their hospitality and insightful contribution. The moments spent in their company were highlights of the day.