Empowering clusters management in textile and machinery sectors

Last February the CLUSTEM consortium members started their training in Cluster Excellence Management with EFCE. As suggested by the acronym, CLUSTEM aims at empowering CLUSters management and services in TExtile and Machinery sectors. The consortium's philosophy relies on two observations:

  • Clusters are vital for the support of the international competitiveness of European SMEs.
  • Through collaboration, and the sharing of added-value, clusters are an efficient tool for the economic development of regions.

Two months later, after going through the rollercoaster ride of a demanding program combining case-study based classes and practical exercises in strategy formulation, the managers of the 4 clusters - hailing from Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK - were successfully awarded in Cluster Excellence Management.

Now back to their respective regions for the implementation phase, the partners will have the opportunity to improve the performances of the companies forming their clusters. We wish them success in this endeavor.