Fostering competitiveness with International Institutions

Since 2012 the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence has been working with prominent international promotors of regional competitiveness, economic development and social progress. Ministries, innovation agencies, cluster associations, chambers of commerce and universities: they put their trust in us.

The results were more competitive advantage, stronger regional industries, local business communities kept dynamic and innovative. 

Multilateral Organisations and Donors

European Commission • World Bank Group • Inter-American Development Bank • Islamic Development Bank • UNIDO

National and Regional Governments

Kazakh Ministry of National Economy • Ministry of Oil & Gas of Gabon • Government General Secretariat, Gabon • NSO, the National Strategy Office of Republic of Botswana • Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria · Romanian Ministry of Economy · Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia · Hungarian Ministry for National Economy · Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland ·  Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia · Kerry County Council · South West Region Authority · Molise Business Industry Regional Government · Autonomous Region Friuli-Venezia-Giulia · Government of La Rioja

Development Agencies and Chambers of Commerce

KIDI, the Kazakstan Industrial Development Institute · Investment Promotion Agency, Gabon • CzechInvest · MAG Hungarian Economic Development Center · Finlombarda · Finpiemonte · Informest Development Agency · Malta Enterprise National Development Agency · Mazovia Development Agency · Rezeszow Regional Development Agency · ADRAVE Portugal · North-West Romania Regional Development Agency · South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency, Romania · ADER La Rioja · IDEPA Instituto de Desarrollo Economico de Asturias · IGAPE Galicia · Instituto de Fomento de Murcia · SODERCAN Regional Development Agency of Cantabria · APII Agence de Promotion de l'Industrie et de l'Innovation, Tunisia · East Marmara Development Agency, Turkey · Izmir Development Agency, Turkey · Croatian Chamber of Economy · Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture of Zahle & Bekaa, Lebanon · SODENA Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra · Enterprise Estonia

Cluster Organizations

Czech National Cluster Association · Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster Association · Corallia, Greece · Maroc Numeric Cluster · Mecatronics Cluster of Morocco · Morocco Microelectronics Cluster · Competitiveness Pole of Borj-Cedria, Tunisia · Competitiveness Pole of Monastir, Tunisia · Competitiveness Pole of Sousse, Tunisia · TAYSAD Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers, Turkey · SAMIB Association of Machinery Manufacturers of Sakarya, Turkey · Yalova Garden Environmental Cluster, Turkey · Neurobiotech Cluster, Italy · Sustainable Building Cluster, Canary Islands · Turisfera Cluster Tenerife de Innovacion Turistica · Canary Islands Marine Maritime Cluster · Agro Transilvania Cluster, Romania · Cluj IT Cluster, Romania · Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, Romania · iTech Transylvania Cluster, Romania · ATANA Cluster TIC Navarra · Latvian IT Cluster · Latvian High Added-Value & Healthy Food Cluster · Latvian Supply Chain Cluster · Estonian Defense and Security Industry Cluster · Estonian Logistics Cluster · Estonian ICT Cluster · Next Technology Tecnotessile, Tuscany Fashion Cluster · WCM Work and Construction Machinery Cluster, Turkey

Competitiveness and Cluster Practitioners

Ligna Group, Bulgaria · Innovation Center Iceland · Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero, Italy · Slovak Innovation & Energy Agency · European Innovation Center of Cartagena, Murcia · Federacion de Empresarios de La Rioja · Instituto Tecnologico de Canarias, Government of Canarias · Caribbean Centre for Competitiveness, Trinidad & Tobago · Aegean Exporters’ Associations, Turkey · National Institute of Economic Research, Romanian Academy · University of Iceland · University of Minho · University of Santiago Compostela · ADItech Advanced Innovation and Technology Corporation, Navarra · AIN Asociacion de la Industria Navarra · CENER National Renewable Energy Centre, Navarra · NICDO Navarra de Infraestructuras de Cultura, Deporte y Ocio · NetPort Science Park, Sweden · ATEVAL Asociacion de Empresarios del Textil, Valencia · Textile House Huddersfield, UK