What they say about us

They joined the training programme as participants and left as accredited Associate Trainers in Cluster Excellence. Read what our alumni say about their experience within the training programmes of the Foundation:

Our country has received much money to support clusters but nothing efficient enough to keep in place. In the training we learnt how we, as public sector, can dialogue with companies in a local environment, understand their problems and challenges, and help them increase their competitiveness.
— Zorica MARIC, Head of Unit, Serbian Ministry of Economy

Lately, a lot of public funding has been granted in Bulgaria, specially from the European Commission, to create structures and committees likely to foster competitiveness and innovation. Once the money is burnt everything stops. That is not sustainable. On the contrary, through the Foundation’s training programme, we get actionable knowledge, and acquire the right mindset. This capacity building effort empowers the local economic development teams to do their job better.
— Genoveva CHRISTOVA, Manager of the Bulgarian Furniture Cluster

We’ve been doing researches and studies on competitiveness and innovation for years; all of them are now sitting on a shelf in some office. The training programme of the Foundation, specially the field project, gave us the tools we needed. Together with our local expertise, that makes a powerful setting to concretely support local companies.
— Ekin TASKIN, Director of Aegean Exporters Association, Turkey