The Foundation's flagship programme. 

The Train-the-Trainers programme is designed to train professionals and practitioners in economic fields related to clusters in becoming certified trainers who can then train other professionals to utilize cluster excellence management materials. This standardized set of training materials in cluster excellence management were developed by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative, and are now the mandate of the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence, which has taken over all training materials and programmes and runs under the support of the European Commission.

Through this programme the Foundation has trained over 90 trainers to date. The geographic coverage includes many European countries as well as Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Lebanon and Morocco.

The course includes 10 modules over six in-class weeks, spread out across an eight-month period of training. In-class weeks typically take place at the Foundation’s headquarters in Barcelona, however previous training weeks have also been scheduled in Linz and Brussels.

Participants are also required to participate in a field-project based on a sector or industry of their home regions. This field-project is based on the core theory modules leading to the design of a common competitiveness and innovative roadmap in the formulation of a strategic plan. Field-projects are closely monitored by Foundation faculty, who are always available to connect online. 

This programme allows participants to achieve two different certifications at different stages. After completion of the full program, participants receive the Cluster Management Association Certification. Participants are evaluated individually, however they have to complete their field projects in teams of up to three people.

To achieve the further certification of Cluster Excellence Management Instructor, participants can choose to deliver a training programme to cluster managers in their home regions. If this level is achieved, instructors have the responsibility to complete one training programme every three years in order to keep the certification valid. 

Application Procedure 

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