Economic leaders of Gabon gather for a seminar on competitiveness

The second week of January the Foundation and Competitiveness joined forces in Gabon running a seminar addressed to the economic leaders of the country. Hosted by ANPI Gabon and BCPSGE, the week gathered in the same room ministers, governors from the nine national provinces, and many other prestigious participants, giving the audience food for thought on value chains, competitiveness and innovation.

The seminar was the opportunity for mutual learning and collective reflection. It also rallied interest from the national press. It ended on a high note in presence of Monsieur le Ministre de l'Economie who delivered in person the certificates to the participants, in recognition of their active and valuable contribution.

The Foundation means to thank Mrs. Nina Abouna and Mr. Liban Soleman for making this event a reality. We also want to thank their staff and teams for their hospitality and unfailing technical support.